DREAM for XML is a versatile data comparison tool. In recent years XML has become a very important file-format, used in mission-critical applications like webservices. Developers want to test if the XML their application generates is right, but there are little tools that fullfill this requirement. DREAM fills this gap by doing intelligent data-comparisons on XML-files. Both structure and data changes are agregated into a nice dashboard, and in contrast to diff, DREAM will not give you false positives when the order of otherwise identical elements has changed.


DREAM for XML can connect to your database through ODBC and convert your database into XML. This way, you can perform comparions on data in tables from your favourite database system (SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.). Everything that has an ODBC driver, should work!


DREAM for XML is currently in active development. You can download the current beta version below. Included in the zip-archive is a readme file which provides instructions for running the application. DREAM for XML is licensed under a propietary license as described in the license agreement downloadable below and included in the application. For license keys you can contact us.

DREAM for XML Beta

DREAM for XML Principles & User Guide 1.0

License Agreement